The Adobe Stock Blueprint: Create Images for Commercial Use in 2017

With the development of technology and social media, the number of professional photographers that shoot images for commercial use has increased drastically lately. Entering this competitive market with millions of photography websites templates can be overwhelming, which is why I decided on writing a few tips you can use when uploading free stock photos.

Pick the right object of photography

There are photography niches that are heavily occupied. These are usually filled with objects that are often photographed such as flowers, pets, monuments, and nature. So. If you decide on uploading free stock images with these objects included, be sure they are unique and stand out from the other photographs.

Submit unique content

As we just mentioned, having a unique content that will stand out is the most important thing when you upload images on photography websites. It’s important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine what would be most appealing to them and what type of free stock photos they could use the most.

Make sure your images for commercial use offer something different and stand out from the other similar photos.  And don’t upload multiple versions of the same photo. Everyone will adjust the photo according to their needs, so making multiple versions will just waste your time.

Keyword your photos

The most important thing when keywording your photos is to think like the customer. Try to extract the words your photo expresses, so whenever a buyer researches a certain word or emotion your photography website will appear.

The ideal number of keywords a photo can have is 20 to 25, but be careful not to use spam keywords because they can be a waste of keyword and harm your photo ranking on photography websites templates.

Pay attention to trademarks, intellectual property laws, and releases

A big mistake photographers make when taking images for commercial use is not paying attention to active trademarks. Whenever you’re taking free stock images, be sure that they don’t have brands, trademarks or relatable graphics in them, because they will be rejected or taken down for violations of the trademark law.

In the end, the only way to become better in taking photos is actually to take photos. Go outside and try out new things and new techniques of photographing objects, talk with people on what they find interesting and appealing. There are too many photos on the market today and this causes them to get dated very quickly, so make sure you stay in shape regularly!


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