The 7 Photography Website Templates You Will Ever Need for Joomla

You have the sense to make the perfect photo, perfect perspective and perfect portrait. Everyone are praising your photography talent, but you still haven’t got a website to showcase your photos.

Are you thinking about a photography website, but you need to find the perfect template that will express your style? No worries. We made a collection of photography website templates for the Joomla content management system – and everyone loves it!

The template designs are perfect for photography website needs and style. They are pretty easy to handle and setup, elegant and modern, and they attract people to dive into your photography portfolio.

So what are the photography website templates we buzz about?

Personal Portfolio Joomla

This template for photographers will provide you with an amazing looks and layout. Beautifully designed to be simple and minimalist with some dynamic elements, the website template will amaze even your photography friends.


This template is perfect for a thriving photography website. Large and full width images that are perfect for traveling photography, urbanistic style of images and landscapes. The design is made to ‘awe’ all your website visitors and potential clients.

PhotoPortfolio Joomla

The PhotoPorftolio is developed for the photographers that love the portrait niche. It’s optimized for all devices and a new style that makes your photography website look exquisite – some will say that this is the best template for photographers.

Professional Photographer Template

This Joomla template is designed for the amateurs and pro’s as well. Your photography website will be packed with various animation effect that comply in a perfect way. The template is made guided by the great user experience that simply inspires photographers and buyers as well.

Photography Director

This photography website template is pure awesomeness! Full width images and dark theme style will keep your viewers focused on your art – this is the perfect template for photographers that love low light photography. Fully optimized for all devices, yet so many features that you can customize at any given point of time.


The most simple and responsive photography template on Joomla will provide you with mason grid layout that will showcase your work in a much different way. The whole website outlook provides viewers with a different, yet positive feels.

Photography Studio Joomla

This template for photographer’s website will provide you with traditional feel and looks. Subtle coloring and great features will make this the perfect website for old school photographers that want to leave a strong mark for the viewers.

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